SnapAP Recognized In An Atlantic FinTech Industry Profile
January 4, 2021 – published by the SnapAP team

The growing recognition of the global FinTech sector as a real and new economic opportunity for New Brunswick, and Atlantic Canada, has potential for being an economic driver of the region’s future.

There is a precedent for embracing new technology with enormous economic impact for Atlantic Canada. Formerly called “Call Centres,” now the Customer Contact Centre Industry, is a critical economic engine in modern technology and business employment in the region. A recent Huddle article quoting former Premier McKenna identified the Contact Centre Industry Laid Groundwork for Region’s Fintech Centre.

In the Spring of 1988, Greater Moncton invited a global futurist to address a business community conference to ignite new economic growth opportunities by identifying future potential from business innovation. The Symposium 2000 conference’s focus was to answer the question of how to reinvent Greater Moncton. 

During a 60 minute address, futurist Frank Feather challenged the audience to develop a call centre industry in Greater Moncton for the future. A national business association posting identifies SnapAP as an industry sector player and highlights a similar business potential in FinTech growth and economic impact for Atlantic Canada’s future. 

As a historical reference point, the article cites the economic impact of pursuing Call/Contact Centres on New Brunswick’s economy alone, since embracing call centres in the ’90s till today. 

In NB alone, back-office operations of financial institutions, insurance companies and communications, employ some 18,000 people, representing $1.5B for the economy. (FinTech in Atlantic Canada)

 SnapAP is an emerging leader in the FinTech Industry Sector for Atlantic Canada with its full suite of Cloud-based Procure to Pay modules for enterprise-level companies. 

 The National Crowdfunding & Fintech Association’s article FinTech in Atlantic Canada profiles this new financial industry sector’s emergence across Atlantic Canada.