SnapAP allows you to leverage the power of JD Edwards, now available with full flexibility of Oracle Cloud hosting.

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Optimize Your Finance Operations with SnapAP

Retain your on-prem ERP in an easy to use mobile environment. SnapAP is available immediately with our cloud-based application, offering seamless integration. Digitize your complete Procure-To-Pay workflow, from requisition to strategic payment management. SnapAP automation provides enhanced accessibility, security and cash flow visibility, while maintaining your ERP investment.

We take on-prem to the Cloud.


Supplier Portal

  • No-charge automatic access
  • Receive order requests
  • Negotiate delivery terms
  • Set method of payment
  • Agree to purchase orders
  • Self-serve expediting
  • View payment status
  • Accounts receivable tool
  • Invoice factoring/financing

Purchase-To-Invoice Workflow

  • Optimized paperless AP solution
  • Communication with vendors
  • Secure digital document storage
  • Mobile-friendly approvals
  • Create & circulate RFPs
  • Generate requisitions
  • Fully ERP-integrated software
  • Shipment delivery receipts
  • Employee expense manager
  • Capital purchasing module
  • SnapAP admin & reporting

Payment Module

  • Enhanced cash flow management
  • Optimized payment method: batched with all similar or choose multiple currencies
  • Access pre-approved client purchase financing options Direct interface to banks and ‘push payments’ (Visa/MC)

Measurable ROI for SnapAP Users

Post-SnapAP defect rate, down from over 30%
Cycle time, down from 18 day industry standard
Per-invoice processing cost, reduced from $17.61

SnapAP manages all of:

  • Supplier Portal (FREE A/R Tool)
  • Requisitions Capability
  • Purchase Orders
  • Automated Accruals
  • Delivery Receipts
  • Invoices Processing
  • Payments Execution
  • Employee Expenses
  • Full Audit Controls
  • ERP Integration
  • Artificial Intelligence OCR data extraction (Invoice / Expense)

…within a single platform.

  • SnapAP system 5
  • SnapAP system 4
  • SnapAP system 3
  • SnapAP system 2
  • SnapAP system 1

SnapAP Mobile App:

  • Approvals on the go
  • Available document attachments on the go
  • Available on Android plus Apple devices
  • New OCR photo features – scan or upload
  • Automatic documents conversion via AI
  • Enhanced capabilities for field workers
  • Improved management of staff expenses
  • Intuitive & user-friendly mobile approach

Syncing with Oracle

  • SnapAP is a native, direct integration with the F47 tables of JD Edwards ERP solutions. SnapAP’s software platform is cloud based, hosted on OCI and will interface with both legacy JDE on-premise, as well as Oracle Integrated Cloud Applications & Platform Services.
  • Easily accessible with the latest internet browsers, as well as Android and iOS mobile devices.

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Digitize your requisition-to-payment workflow into a completely paperless operation. 


“SnapAP transformed our P2P process into the most efficient, state of the art, defect free process.” 

– Melanie Brown,
AP Supervisor, SnapAP Client 


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