Lessons Learned in Securing International Investment
July 16, 2021 – published by the SnapAP team

With industry expert Alicia Roisman Ismach, Head of Atlantic FinTech, SnapAP’s Founder & CEO, JD Drapeau, discusses how they cracked the code on securing international investment. SnapAP is Atlantic Canada’s first-ever fintech startup to receive funding from primarily Israeli investors.

We worked closely with Atlantic FinTech and the senior executives we met when we participated in the Money 20/20 conference in Las Vegas in 2019, as a part of the mission led by Venn Innovation. We benefited from a warm virtual introduction to the investors, from an industry expert. We built a connection through frequent video calls and open communication.  – JD Drapeau

Read the full insights, and JD’s top three lessons for fintech entrepreneurs, in Cracking the remote investment code: lessons worth sharing from SnapAP.

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