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October 31, 2019- published by the SnapAP team
SnapAP CDN Channel Innovation Award Gold Winner

SnapAP Founder & CEO Jean-Daniel Drapeau, left, accepts CDN Channel Innovation Award Gold Winner, at September 2019 Toronto Event from the Award Category Sponsor.

The team at SnapAP appreciates the recent business profile coverage from New Brunswick-based Huddle.Today. As Huddle’s inspirational motto says so accurately, “Business is Good.”

Business is extremely good for SnapAP Procure to Pay as it sells to the World’s largest enterprise players looking for more efficient digital business processes in financial management. SnapAP was announced to the global FinTech world at an international financial services conference in Las Vegas during the last week of October.

SnapAP is part of a vast growing financial services industry revolution in how businesses, as well as humans, manage and distribute their money in support of making purchases and payments, which is a trending use of new financial communications devices and software applications called FinTech. 

A recent Forbes article calculates the financial impact of the FinTech industry on the World and documents that Fintech start-ups such as SnapAP’s Procure to Pay software are disrupting the global financial services industry.  

According to Forbes, the global FinTech market, valued at over $100bn for 2018 transactions is snowballing as new methods and means challenge traditional banking and payment methods. The FinTech sector is set to triple to over $300bn by the end of 2022. 

SnapAP is actively selling into this global financial marketplace to speed the payment of invoices made to their suppliers by companies sourcing products and services from around the World. 


Sionne Roberts, VP Sales and Marketing, Snap Accounts Payable Corporation

Recently, Sionne Roberts, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Snap Accounts Payable Corporation(SnapAP), who is talking daily to significant enterprise customers around the World from Greater Moncton, paused between online demos to talk FinTech, and New Brunswick based technology leadership, with Huddle.Today .

MONCTON – A lot of things have been going well for SnapAP. The company won a national award last month and is bringing its finance optimization software to Money20/20 in Las Vegas this month. SnapAP is one of 10 Atlantic Canadian FinTech companies that Venn Innovation will bring to the major FinTech conference that takes place on October 27-30. More….Fintech Firm That Helps Companies Process Billions In Payments Can Grow Even Bigger