FinTech, Now an Important Atlantic Canada Industry Sector
December 3, 2020 – published by the SnapAP team

At SnapAP, we are delighted anytime we get a mention in the news. 

Especially when SnapAP is in the same article as Verafin, now Atlantic Canada’s highwater mark for a startup success in the financial technology sector, globally known as FinTech. 

This SnapAP-in-the-news occasion is the NB-based Huddle (Business is Good), a digital publication putting the current and future of the Maritimes’ economy in context and perspective. Huddle is a dream child of founder Alan Gates (Bonfire Communications), of Saint John, one of the Maritime’s better visual storytellers. 

Huddle’s insightful article highlights the role of Venn Innovation and their peripatetic Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Alicia Ismach. She plays a vital role in helping companies like SnapAP understand the true value in their product and expertise. 

Ms. Ismach is well versed in global tech commerce. She positions the significance of the NASDAQ company’s ownership purchase of a leading Atlantic Canada technology innovation company, as a harbinger of more development to come.

There is a lot of excitement in Atlantic Canada’s business community, when one of our own, in this case Verafin, wins big for shareholders and stakeholder groups by showcasing the power of its innovation in terms of valuation in the billions. A few billion is still a lot of money. Big money changes everything. This few billion anchors Atlantic Canada in a global network of innovators in the financial services sector that SnapAP targets for future growth.

ACOA, often operating deep in the financing background of building up Atlantic Canada, earns an important nod for tirelessly financially supporting startup coaching organizations like Venn, and others located around Atlantic Canada. These orgs, and the talent they recruit as coaches, exist to assist new and old companies attempting new ways of thinking. Companies that are trying to chart the unknown commercial waters of innovation. 

Alicia Ismach, Venn, and ACOA are playing a critical role in encouraging and assisting our diverse SnapAP team in building out global relationships. 

If you are wondering why the Verafin deal is so important a validation for Atlantic Canada’s technology based future, this article brings perspective and accolades for the government and entrepreneurial policy decisions that are helping to spawn Atlantic Canada’s tomorrow economy. 

As our neighbours in New England famously said, and John Kennedy famously borrowed in a 60’s era speech, “a Rising Tide Lifts All Boats”, now a common economic development creed. 

The Verafin deal is one of our rising tides and is available here.

Verafin Deal Puts Atlantic Canada On The Global Fintech Map. Now What? – Huddle