Data is transmitted through staging tables by a custom interface. SnapAP is designed to work in many configurations, including multiple ERP systems. The staging tables in SnapAP can be used to share data between many ERPs (or other software if necessary), eliminating the need to manually enter the same data multiple times.

SnapAP can also receive invoices electronically via XML files. Whatever your system needs, SnapAP will work with it for better record keeping and reduced processing time.

Approvals don’t get lost in a paper pile on someone’s desk. Instead, they are processed with a click. Suppliers don’t call for status updates on their invoices. Instead, the current status is a click away on their end.

We built SnapAP to exhibit simplicity, but it’s not simplistic. One means easy and effective, the other reveals laziness. Our automated Accounts Payable software depends on good, creative simplicity.

SnapAP makes this possible, all while being simple to implement and run right out of the gate.

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