Gain Efficiency from Conversion of POs to Approved Supplier Invoices

With SnapAP’s Procure to Pay platform installed your business has a proven successful method for effectively manage all your business purchases and a transparency-enabled payables process that your approved suppliers will love. Suppliers love being paid on time.

Everything you require to have an efficient procurement process is in place as a seamless system from transmitting your Purchase Orders(POs) electronically directly to your Suppliers for their Purchase Order confirmation. Order changes, price negotiations back and forth until you get the agreed on terms and conditions, including delivery details are tracked, captured for review at any time and attached to the individual PO. Upon confirmation of delivery acceptance, the SnapAP PO document is converted into the Supplier Invoice for immediate approval for payment.

Paperless, simple and efficient.

With SnapAP P2P platform you start an order requisitioning and move through all the stages within the SnapAP P2P Dashboard, which is also available to your suppliers as a custom Supplier Portal for your individual suppliers to be able to view the progress of their purchase order requisitions all the way through to final payment within one seamless electronic system. A purchase order and payment system that is available 24/7 from any connected device for total transparency with your suppliers.

That’s where a fist pump between you and your suppliers comes in as you collaborate with your suppliers every step of the way in your supply chain network.

Total transaction transparency

Reward your suppliers efforts at being a great supplier by providing total transparency.

It’s just good business sense and makes for a healthy partnership in building your business strength. Transparency rocks.

With SnapAP, you always know your Supplier has received their Purchase Order. And your Supplier has 24/7 access to all of their Purchase Orders online… from anywhere! This streamlined process helps catch any discrepancies long before they become a defect.

Electronic Purchase Orders through SnapAP provides you with many benefits, including:

  • Better Internal Controls over all the Procurement, Requisitioning, Purchasing and final Supplier Payment activities within an integrated system;
  • Electronic Purchase Order Approvals are implemented within the SnapAP dashboard and can be made from anywhere, on any connected device;
  • Electronic Purchase Orders are transmitted instantly to any supplier and can accommodate non-PO purchases as a payables processing convenience;
  • Electronic Supplier Purchase Order confirmations contain all revisions, and agreed on terms for review during and after the transaction is completed;
  • Suppliers have authorized, full access to all of their Purchase Orders, 24/7, from anywhere on connected devices by logging into their Supplier Portal;
  • Full transparency into every transaction at every stage is available within the Supplier’s portal page and archived for further review or possible audit;

As a result of implementing the SnapAP P2P platform, you can easily manage all of your Purchase Orders, from requisitioning to sourcing to supplier delivery completion of terms and conditions, as well as the final payment confirmation from all integrated banking sources.

SnapAP simplifies the Purchasing process with less manual steps to completion and allows for consolidation of all authority processes and routing rules. This catches any discrepancies upfront, eliminating defects down the line.

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