SnapAP CEO Reflects on the Company’s Evolution
June 3, 2021 – published by the SnapAP team

In a recent interview with eChannelNews, SnapAP’s Founder & CEO, JD Drapeau, shares how, in a previous consulting role, he saw a problem and decided to fix it.

“This company started almost by accident. We found out there was a problem managing the cash cycle going to suppliers. That’s how SnapAP was born.” -JD Drapeau, Founder & CEO  

SnapAP solves the business problem of inefficiencies in purchasing and payment processing. Monthly internal processing inefficiencies that rob profit potential, and saps competitiveness if left unchecked and unresolved.

Watch the 13-minute interview on the evolution of SnapAP’s Procure to Pay application that has become an essential trading platform for buyers and suppliers. (eChannelNEWS)