Reduce the steps of the traditional AP process…

With an E-Invoice

An E-Invoice streamlines the lifecycle of an Invoice – from the moment your Supplier enters their Invoice, through the automated Approvals process, and finally to online storage – without any paper involved. It allows for tens of thousands of more invoices to be processed per year without any additional staff and while also reducing the cost of operation. This allows staff to work on more value-added tasks and creates an opportunity for your company to grow.

SnapAP automated software solution makes the whole process simple, from E-Invoice to Payment and… done!

Better invoice processing

audit_togetherCapture and organization of AP information can be a real challenge…SnapAP automated electronic Invoicing allows for more precise Invoice processing. The Invoice is sent automatically to the appropriate team members for review and approval. This provides greater visibility of cash flow…at a much lower cost than doing it the old fashioned way.

Using SnapAP Accounts Payable software reduces inbound calls from Suppliers – they can access their Invoices online 24/7 to see the up-to-date status of any Invoice. They do not require any software nor is there any costly enablement fees associated with our dedicated onboarding team.

Electronic Invoicing means:

  • Eliminate any use of paper and avoid the need to scan or convert paper into digital files
  • Electronic Invoices entered by your Suppliers
  • Automated 3-way matching
  • E-Invoice Approval from anywhere
  • Computer to Computer electronic Invoices
  • No more Supplier Statements
  • Accurate Invoice tracking
  • Improved audit review process
  • Increased consistency in the Invoicing process, with quick access to Invoices based on internal and external audit requests
  • No duplicating or overpaying Invoices
  • No more late payments
  • A more environmentally-friendly way of doing business

Automated Invoice processing means accelerated Invoice processing. SnapAP is dedicated to making the E-invoice process seamless and simple.

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