The health and well-being of our global community is (and should be) a top priority for everyone. We are all in this together…

Our own SnapAP team, therefore, values the importance of recommended social distancing, in an effort to contain further spreading of COVID-19 and reduce the overall strain on healthcare systems.

With this in mind, SnapAP has made the decision to offer access to our platform FREE OF CHARGE for a limited time.

This offer would apply to companies meeting certain requirements, and who are able to best take advantage of SnapAP for managing internal Procurement plus Accounts Payable Processing activities “remotely” with SnapAP’s solution.


Covid-19 Defence Against Infecting Others is a social distancing strategy for your social and business life

If this is something that your organization wishes to leverage during these challenging times, please contact us via ([email protected]) for more information.

Stay Safe Everyone!