Changing Your Business OS is Critical to Business Efficiency

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Ask any enterprise manager what they fear most, and the answer will frequently be “trying to fix something that does not appear to be broken.”
Trying to get buy-in to implement an innovation to something that still appears to just work becomes a difficult sell.”  It’s a risk to do it too early, and often an even bigger risk to not do it soon enough. Especially when a competitor gains an advantage while we are waiting for just the right moment to make the change internally.
This recent strategic thinking post from the McKinsey ShortList is an easy read of an interview with a successful, change-thinking advocate.
This business leaders’ commentary about constantly changing your business operations may help you think through the balance between your fear of change as a management task, and your desire to improve your business process efficiency.

The Shortlist: Your next-gen operating model: Meet the rising customer bar

To design a next-gen operating model, leaders take two important steps.

First, they zero in on two kinds of journeys: customer journeys (the interactions people have with a business, like a shopper buying a gift for his spouse online) and internal journeys, or end-to-end, in-house business processes.

Once the companies have mapped these journeys, they apply technologies and operations capabilities in a coordinated way—moving beyond the silos that prevent many businesses from achieving maximum impact. More…

 Further reading on how to combine operations with digital technologies for a next-gen approach to value, and an interview with Jane Sun, the CEO of Ctrip, China’s largest online travel agency.
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