Your Annual Savings with SnapAP will be IN BETWEEN:

Number of Invoices per Month

Percentage of Non-PO

Number of AP Employees

Average Annual Salary AP Employee

Percentage of Overhead (Payroll, benefits, office supplies, ect, typically 40%)

Percentage of Non-AP Cost (Approvals, defects, manual systems, ect, typically 50%)

Monthly Usage Fee


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o Plus a one-time installation and training fee

o Electronic Payment Approval and EFT module also available


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Our accounts payable savings and ROI calculator tells you what SnapAP can do for your company

SnapAP Accounts Payable Automation Software will save you tens of thousands of dollars. Did you do the math by calculating your potential savings on our Accounts Payable Software? SnapAP invoice processing software will make your Accounts Payable department work better and will save you from daily headaches. We dare to say it’s a no-brainer. EFT module available as well. Your invoices are always centralized and accessible using customized credentials, making sure that the right people have the right access to the data. Contact us for a formal quote. We provide on-site installation and training (one -time fee) to ensure a proper work-flow. Contact Snap AP Accounts Payable Software Automation today and save tens of thousands of dollars tomorrow.