Cake and Candles Celebration as SnapAP Turns a Healthy and Vibrant One Year Old
June 30, 2020 – published by the SnapAP team

For startups, the initial launch from a positive business vision expressed in a coffee shop about an opportunity discovery makes the first year birthday a sweet one for founders. Indeed, it is so for SnapAP.

As June 2020 closes, SnapAP is celebrating its official business launch at the end of June in 2019 as the first anniversary. Already, pre-COVID-19, June of 2019, was a much simpler time, and the year has been exciting.

To celebrate, SnapAP issued its first CEO Newsletter in celebration of the first anniversary.  There is a high-level overview reporting by our CEO JD Drapeau, of what we are excited about in the first newsletter. We enjoy the business development opportunities as part of our discovery as we guide Snap Accounts Payable Corporation and its accomplished product line up of SnapAP modules into our second year.

So, as we blow out the candles and dig for dinero coins buried in our multi-tier cake ( Chocolate, if you must know), please consider this an invitation to check our first CEO Newsletter update.  There is a subscription request button included for receiving the CEO Update directly to your inbox. We would love to have your share our business journey with us.

If in Canada, Happy Canada Day, and for our US-based friends, Happy July 4th.

The full edition of the June 2020 SnapAP CEO Update is available here.