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A: SnapAP has a built in Purchase Order Approval process. Approvals are completely electronic and full audit trails provide complete transparency to the process.

A: SnapAP supports an unlimited amount of approval routes. We have built in approval hierarchies and approval limits, which are managed in the system by your team’s Admin.

A: Every process within SnapAP has a full audit trail of any transaction, providing complete and real-time transparency.

A: SnapAP has a built in Delegation module that allows your employees to delegate their approval authority, eliminating potential delays in processing invoices due to employee vacation or shift rotations.


A: SnapAP is designed to work in many configurations, including multiple ERPs. The staging tables in SnapAP can be used to share data between many ERPs, eliminating the need to manually enter the same data multiple times.

A: With our native integration to a client’s ERP, we can integrate the platform and complete configuration within a week. If the client-side implementation team is available to complete our onboarding and training process, then it is possible for clients to start using the system after a few weeks. Typically, clients prefer a 6-week onboarding time frame to accommodate meetings with the AP team and time to complete the training scenario checklist.


A: SnapAP is designed to manage 100% of your invoices, from Material, Service, Stock, Travel, even Non PO Invoices. SnapAP has the ability to manage your employee expense reports as well.

A: Yes, SnapAP is designed to handle 100% of your invoices.

A: SnapAP has the ability to manage Invoice Coding – from Non PO Invoices, to modifying the Purchase Order Accounts, managing invoice coding is a simple process.

A: While traditional paper processes typically measure cycle times in days, SnapAP measures Invoice cycle times in MINUTES.

Mobile App

A: Yes, SnapAP an optional Employee Expense module. SnapAP’s AI data extraction and OCR tool streamlines employee expenses. Employees often use SnapAP’s mobile app to generate expense reports remotely by scanning or uploading an image of transaction receipts.

A: Employees can approve transaction remotely through the mobile app.

Watch this quick video showing the SnapAP Mobile App.


A: SnapAP is an integrated solution…improving finance operations.

  • Cloud-Based ‘Purchase To Pay’ Software Platform, Synced To On-Premise ERPs
  • Saves Time & Money For Finance Teams (Buying, AP Management, Payments)
  • Provides Measurable ROI To All Users Including Suppliers & External Auditors

Watch our SnapAP Corporate Video to learn more.

A: SnapAP was developed by domain expert, JD Drapeau, and his extensive expertise in Supply Chain Optimization. JD came to the realization that applying efficiency to financial side of supply chain adds as much value (or more) than improvements against the physical supply chain.

Learn more of the SnapAP story in our SnapAP Corporate Video.


A: SnapAP has the ability to manage payments electronically. Not only does this electronic ‘filing cabinet’ allow you to manage individual payments, but it sends electronic payment files to the bank to pay your Suppliers immediately via EFT.

A: With SnapAP, invoice cycle times are measured in minutes, allowing you to decide whether you’d like to take advantage of early payment discounts.


A: Here are just a few ways SnapAP streamlines finance operations:

  • SnapAP is 100% paperless and highly automated
  • Manage all approvals online & via mobile phone
  • Increase individual AP staff outputs by 10X
  • A 90% reduction in per-invoice processing costs
  • Streamlines ability to pay invoices, from previous cycle time of weeks/months into a single day (within hours of receipt)

A: SnapAP has several checks in place to get it right the first time. When a Supplier receives a Purchase Order, they are asked to review the details, ensuring everything is correct.

A: In a paper based Accounts Payable process, the ratio is 1 full time employee per 8-12k invoices per year. Using the SnapAP process, that ratio is 1 full time employee per 80-90k invoices per year.

A: SnapAP delivers measurable ROI for finance departments. Contact us to learn more.


Supplier Portal

A: These are a few of the Supplier-side benefits to the SnapAP approach, based upon the FREE inclusion of Suppliers within our overall Purchasing To Payment workflow:

  • Increased A/R visibility (CFO control)
  • Eliminating Supplier statements
  • Improved cash flow

Watch this quick video to learn more Benefits of the Supplier Portal.

A: On average, over 90% of Suppliers use the SnapAP Supplier Portal to review and approve Purchase Orders, and process Invoices. This includes vendors of all sizes, from large multi-national corporations to small local businesses.

Watch this quick video to learn why so many vendors are registered with SnapAP- Benefits of the Supplier Portal.

A: These are a few of the Buyer-side benefits to SnapAP’s approach, based upon the FREE inclusion of vendors within the Purchasing To Payment workflows:

  • Become a Supplier’s preferred customer
  • Increased overall workflow accuracy
  • Capturing early payment discounts

Watch this quick video to more Benefits of the Supplier Portal.

A: Supplier onboarding is automated and managed directly in the system. There is no training time involved for the clients to onboard their vendors.

A: It takes less than a minute to create and submit an invoice in SnapAP.

A: SnapAP automatically sends an email notification to your Supplier when they have a new or revised purchase order to review. The email notifications contain links that will bring the supplier directly to the Purchase order in SnapAP.

A: Yes! This 3:00 minute video walks you through Managing Subcontractors from Procurement to Payment using SnapAP.


A: These are a few of the ways SnapAP differs from other solutions. Contact us to learn more.

  • Full Procurement to Payment process, including optional Employee Expense module, within a single unified platform
  • AI data extraction / OCR for AP PLUS A/R documents
  • Mobile app offering approvals and employee expense generation remotely
  • No-charge Supplier Portal access
  • Supplier Portal flexibility with universal integration option for single-access to multiple portals
  • Built to scale with multi-tenant and serverless architecture
  • Modular and feature customization
  • Payment terms negotiation offered between suppliers and buyers
  • Supply Chain financing options
  • Oracle-Native Cloud solution

To learn more, watch our recent SnapAP Webinar recording.

A: SnapAP subscribers receive:

  • Supplier Portal (FREE A/R Tool)
  • Requisitions Capability
  • Purchase Orders
  • Delivery Receipts
  • Invoices Processing
  • Payments Transactions
  • Employee Expenses
  • Full Audit Controls
  • Native ERP Integration

…within a single platform. Watch this quick video for an overview of the SnapAP System Capabilities.

A: Yes, SnapAP uses the Microsoft Azure platform and its secure, scalable multi-tenant / serverless architecture for hosting new client versions of SnapAP. We are also an authorized Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) solution, if hosting the client’s instance within that cloud environment is preferred. 

A: Employee access can be configured and managed directly in the system by your team’s Admin, so user access is restricted based on their roles.

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