Accounts Payable Cash Manager

Avoid late Payment penalties while making things easier for Suppliers.

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Are Suppliers calling for payment status updates?

With SnapAP you will reduce supplier inquiries to almost nothing! They can access their own invoices online and see the real-time status. Each step is digitally recorded and linked to all relevant documents.

The SnapAP Cash Manager is your electronic drawer, allowing you to manage individual Payments in minutes. The Accounts Payable Cash Manager sends electronic Payment files to the bank to pay your Suppliers immediately via EFT, so there are no more lost cheques and no more cheque fraud.

SnapAP’s Cash Manager Allows You to See the Whole Picture from Purchase to Payments

  • SnapAP Cash Manager also allows for more focus on high-value analyses, insights, and cash flow optimization.
  • Automate, track and view Payment Approvals, and see your Accounts Payable liabilities in real time. This is your automated Procure-to-Pay solution that gives you a real-time picture of cash flow.
  • AP automation is expected in today’s business world.
  • Paperless Accounts Payable allows you to enjoy full AP automation in a snap and keeps your Accounts Payable seamless. SnapAP has your P2P solutions for Accounts Payable discount capture by ensuring your electronic Payments go through on time and done right!
  • A successful Accounts Payable solution must be able to format and deliver EFT payments to banks, while also accommodating legacy check printing for suppliers who are unable to receive EFT Payments. SnapAP enables electronic Payments over various platforms. 

Create an Advantage for your Business

  • Ensure good accountability and full compliance with any agency
  • Generate improved supplier visibility throughout your supply chain
  • Electronically approve Payments
  • Create and transmit EFT Bank files
  • Provide electronic Payment Advice

The SnapAP Cash Manager helps those in charge of allocating cash resources stay on track with relevant up-to-date information.

Cash Manager 1
Cash Manager 2

Four bottom-line financial benefits your business gains from implementing SnapAP’s seamless accounts payable automation:

  1. All your invoices are paid on time for available discounts;
  2. You gain more accuracy and cost control with no more duplicate invoice payments;
  3. You save money by not losing valuable supplier discounts from lost invoices; and,
  4. You reduce the cost of lost staff time spent correcting invoice and payment mistakes.

With the SnapAP Cash Manager, you gain the ability to measure cash flow performance across the organization.

Every process within SnapAP has a full audit trail of any transaction – the whole story is always there, providing 100% transparency!